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Book Review and GIVEAWAY: Retribution: A Koa Kāne Hawaiian Mystery, by Robert McCaw {ends 6/20}

Guest review by: Becki Bayley

“You wanted to see me?” Makanui asked, poking her head into the door of Koa’s office.

“Yes. C’mon in and close the door.”

Makanui obliged and sat opposite Koa. “You’re up to something,” she said with a smile.

“You offered to help with Ikaika’s problem?”


“I think Moses, the Surfboard bartender, holds the key to the whole Ikaika fiasco, but given the chief’s instructions, I can’t lean on him.”

“You want me to do that?” Makankui asked.

“Only if you are comfortable. It might tick off the chief.”

“Screw that. Fill me in and tell me what you want.”

“Bring him in. Use the Kea’au police station. That way, the chief is less likely to hear about it. Put the squeeze on him. There’s an unexplained $25,000 deposit to his bank account a couple of weeks before Nihoa’s murder. I’m guessing it’s a payoff and maybe the key to breaking this thing wide open.” Koa then handed her a thick file.

Koa Kāne’s adventures come with a splash of Hawai’i culture and history, and a bit of researched science and technology. Readers may accidentally learn a few things while being entertained by an intriguing mystery!

Official synopsis:
Book Review and GIVEAWAY: Retribution: A Koa Kāne Hawaiian Mystery, by Robert McCaw {ends 6/20}
As people around him come under attack, Chief Detective Koa Kāne wonders if he might be the real target.

In the back alley of a bar on Hawaii Island, a young man is found stabbed to death. When Hilo Chief Detective Koa Kāne begins investigating the crime, the murder weapon is recovered only a few feet away from the body. Crime scene technicians find fingerprints on the knife — they are a perfect match for Koa' s younger brother, Ikaika.

As the brothers scramble to prove Ikaika's innocence, another crime sends shockwaves through the Hilo police force. A sniper tries to take out Makanui, Koa's closest colleague. As Koa tries to figure out whether these crimes are linked, the sinister force continues their killing spree, threatening Koa and his loved ones at every turn.

Could Koa be the real target? If so, who is behind this trail of retribution? With his own secret criminal past, Koa confronts an all-out offensive against those closest to him and his police force to which he has devoted his life. As the bodies pile up, Koa finds himself the ultimate target of a ruthless adversary and must risk it all to survive.

It takes a few crimes without obvious motives to get Koa Kāne to start wondering why bad things keep happening to good people he cares about. The only constant between fingerprints on a murder weapon, shootings, bombings, and other targeted violence is that those closest to Kāne are suffering the most. As far-fetched as it sounds, the pieces only start falling into place when he looks for a more orchestrated plan than the individual impulses that these crimes look like.

This, the fifth of the Koa Kāne series, would read fine as a stand-alone, as the hints at previous plotlines are explained well enough to contribute to the characters’ experiences in the newest book. Overall, the latest installation earns a solid 4 out of 5 stars. The story itself is interesting and well-explained, and the Hawai’i geography stories as part of his girlfriend, Nalani’s job as a park ranger give great information. Additionally, the forensic science details Kāne discovers and shares with readers as he solves different crimes are also fascinating.

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Becki Bayley is a wife and mother who finds time to enthusiastically cheer on her family’s endeavors in car racing, baton twirling, theatre, and robotics. Check out other books she’s read and new adventures on her blog, SweetlyBSquared.com.


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Retribution: A Koa Kāne Hawaiian Mystery, by Robert McCaw


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