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Reflected in You

Reflected in You (Crossfire series, #2) by Sylvia Day.

The starkness of his gaze bled away, replaced by sexual heat. "Oh? Planning on pacifying me with sex, angel?"

"Yes," I admitted shamelessly. "Lots of it. After all, the tactic seems to work quite well for you."

His mouth curved, but his gaze had a sharpness that quickened my breath. The dark look he gave me reminded me - as if I could forget - that Gideon wasn't a man who could be managed or tamed.

"Ah, Eva," he purred, sprawled against the seat with the predatory insouciance of a sleek panther who'd nearly trapped a mouse in his den.

A delicious shiver moved through me. When it came to Gideon, I was more than willing to be devoured.

Reflected in You, Sylvia Day, Crossfire series
I am reviewing this book for the BlogHer Book Club, and they and Penguin were kind enough to send both this novel and Bared to You, the first book in the Crossfire series. I read both of them and it's definitely good that I did, because this book picks up almost instantly after BTY ends.

Gideon Cross is a billionaire who, in the first book, notices Eva on her first day working at his office building, at a PR firm. He actually backtracks so that they can cross paths, and soon afterwards propositions her in a rather crude manner. Eva normally wouldn't go for such things, but Gideon is ridiculously hot, and soon she finds herself spending all of her time outside work with him.

The first book mostly consists of them having mindblowing sex and also learning a little bit about their pasts. In this novel, it's less sex (but still intense sex when had) and more past-exploring, specifically as to why Gideon is keeping secrets from Eva. Eva also runs in to one of her exes, who is now the frontrunner of a band she goes to see with Gideon and a friend, which causes some problems between her and Gideon, as he tends to get jealous very easily (as does Eva, of Gideon's exes).

Normally I give books I review an overall rating, but with this book it is hard to do that. The story is very interesting, and I hope to read the third book, Reflected in You, when it comes to stores in May 2013. This series also is not a BDSM series like Fifty Shades of Grey, though there's definitely the suggestion of BDSM at times; Eva says over and over that she's an independent woman, yet she lets Gideon be very controlling over her, both in life and in the bedroom. However, I saw many similarities to Christian and Ana in this book - Gideon/Christian are billionaires and they both meet the main woman characters at the office (though Ana meets Christian when she goes to interview him for an article, and Gideon pretty much stalks Eva once he first sees her to ensure that they meet).

The main difference between this and other similar books I have read is that the writing flows very easily and is enjoyable to read, and also both Gideon and Eva have very complicated backgrounds. Eva is definitely not a virgin, and she's not really into BDSM, though she has no problem giving herself completely to Gideon. Gideon has a past as well, which involves his stepfamily (stepbrother & stepsister) and also his mother. Eva comes from money, kind of, since her mother is a "serial trophy wife," as she puts it - she's currently married to her fourth husband, and it's the reason that Eva and her roommate, Carey (who is bisexual but who has a platonic relationship with Eva), live in a huge apartment in NYC. Eva's mother is also very paranoid and even goes so far as to track her cell phone so she can know Eva's whereabouts, and this is partly the reason why Eva has trust issues.

This series is definitely worth reading, just be aware that although the story is great, there's definitely similarities to other romances I have read. Also be aware that although the second book (this book) does stand out on its own, it's extremely helpful to read Bared to You beforehand, to get the Gideon and Eva's full backstories before they are delved into in greater detail in Reflected in You.

Story: 4 stars out of 5
Originality: 2 stars out of 5
Series' rating (so far): 3.5 stars out of 5

*Disclosure: I was compensated for reviewing this novel. However, this opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. I love these books by Sylvia Day. I am looking forward to Entwined with you!


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