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Book Review and GIVEAWAY: The Belonger, by Mary Kathleen Mehuron {ends 6/26}

Guest review by: Becki Bayley

Holly had left seven steaks and a roast, a precious commodity on Grand Turk, on the counter to thaw while they were working earlier. Now Sameera was at the kitchen stove, searing the pork roast in a rub so aromatic that it made Holly instantly ravenous. 

“The roast is for tomorrow,” Holly told her flatly. “Chances are we won’t be able to cook then, despite what Anthony says.”

Anthony was in the dining room. She heard him open and close several cabinets and drawers as he gathered items – trying to make a special table, despite the circumstances. Or maybe because of them.

As if once again reading her mind, Anthony spun to face her through the archway. “I’m determined to make this night one of celebration. It’s an approach that has served me well before.”

While she expected Hurricane Nestor to disrupt her life on the island, Holly didn’t realize how much her reflections on life during it all could change everything.

Official synopsis:
Caribbean-island innkeeper Holly Walker is hunkering down against a monster hurricane. Unfortunately, so is player Lord Anthony Bascombe, a man who excuses his bad behavior by saying he is descended from pirates. Then her grown son, Byron, and his father, Montez—the man she’s never stopped wanting—go missing. Will she ever see them again? What about the many others hurt and dying? And will help ever arrive? With each passing day, Holly’s tumultuous past and the epic storm send her hurtling toward a shattering climax that will change the island—and Holly’s life—forever.

Holly Walker and her adult son have tried to make a life for themselves on Grand Turk Island. While her son Byron’s father has been a belonger and lived there with his parents his whole life, it will take Holly more than just owning property and running a popular inn and restaurant to truly be accepted. No one can tell her exactly what makes a person a belonger on Grand Turk, but she’s sure that they’ll come to appreciate her and accept her in time.

When Hurricane Nestor approaches the island and threatens the worst devastation they’ve seen in a long time, making an impression on the rest of the community is not Holly’s goal—she just wants to do her best for her inn and the community she’s come to love. Maybe that’s enough to secure not just her future on the island, but her own happiness.

This story proves an inspiring novel of found family for Holly as a 40-something woman. The book earned 3 out of 5 stars and made life on an island sound realistic and enjoyable. Those who enjoy island life stories and family dramas would enjoy this book.

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Becki Bayley is a wife and mother who also enjoys reading, writing, and finding the beauty in her surroundings. Check out some of her pictures where she shares her life on Instagram as PoshBecki.


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The Belonger, by Mary Kathleen Mehuron


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