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Book Review and GIVEAWAY: The Lockhart Women, by Mary Camarillo {ends 7/20}

Guest review by: Becki Bayley

“Why don’t you stop by this afternoon?” Brenda tells Bill when he calls. “I have a business opportunity I’d like to talk to you about. Have you heard of network marketing?” She’s practiced the spiel from the handbook Tim left her and she’s sure she sounds convincing, but Bill’s not listening.

“I can’t get away this afternoon. Jack Bowen’s in town.”

She’s heard of Jack Bowen from the Pacific Area office in San Francisco. Frank was always worried about impressing him.

“How about after the Laker game tonight?” Bill says. “Maybe you could invite a friend for Jack to hang out with while we’re, you know, busy. You have any girlfriends who like to party?”

“Is that what we’re doing? Partying?”

“I thought we were having fun. He’ll be with me. I can’t get away otherwise.”

“Another time, then.”

“Oh, come on, Bren. Leave your front door unlocked. I’ll have him wait in the living room. You won’t even know he’s there.”

Brenda pulls the phone away from her ear and stares at it. Does he seriously expect her to have sex with him while Jack Bowen waits in the living room? Does he think she’s a whore? She doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment. She’s a free and independent woman with a new business to focus on.

“Bren? You still there?

She puts the phone back in her ear. “Don’t call me anymore. This party is over.”

The Lockhart women are stronger than they think, but does life have to keep making them prove it?

Official synopsis:
Book Review and GIVEAWAY: The Lockhart Women, by Mary Camarillo {ends 7/20}
Brenda Lockhart’s family has been living well beyond their means for too long when Brenda’s husband leaves them—for an older and less attractive woman than Brenda, no less. Brenda’s never worked outside the home, and the family’s economic situation quickly declines. Oldest daughter Peggy is certain she’s heading off to a university, until her father offers her a job sorting mail while she attends community college instead. Younger daughter Allison, a high school senior, can’t believe her luck that California golden boy Kevin has fallen in love with her.

Meanwhile, the chatter about the O. J. Simpson murder investigations is always on in the background, a media frenzy that underscores domestic violence against women and race and class divisions in Southern California. Brenda, increasingly obsessed with the case, is convinced O. J. is innocent and has been framed by the LAPD. Both daughters are more interested in their own lives—that is, until Peggy starts noticing bruises Allison can’t explain. For a while, it feels to everyone as if the family is falling apart; but in the end, they all come together again in unexpected ways.

The Lockhart women definitely make their share of bad choices, but somehow the results seem to turn out even more catastrophic for them. However, they’re willing and able to persevere. Eventually they learn from their mistakes, and learn to forgive others for the mistakes they’ve made as well. Their roles within their family are evolving, and as hard and cold as it seems, they really don’t have any choice than to play the role they’re now cast in.

Brenda knew only how to be a trophy wife and spend her husband’s money maintaining appearances. Peggy was the golden child, determined to go out and be successful, with completely different priorities than her parents. Allison knows she’s pretty, and figures she’ll continue using her charm and beauty to get what she wants out of life. They’re all in for big surprises, and figuring out how to make the most of the cards they are now dealt.

This book showed some great evolution of the characters. None of them were used to looking beyond their own life, even when their actions unintentionally affected others. I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars. It could definitely have had a stronger ending. While I liked the ending, it felt like it was summed up at a much faster pace than the rest of the book.

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The Lockhart Women, by Mary Camarillo


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