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Book Review and GIVEAWAY: It Came From the Sky, by Chelsea Sedoti {ends 7/26}

Guest review by: Becki Bayley

“Why are you saying everything you do?” Ishmael asked.

“We’ve been over this,” I replied absently. “I’m recording everything related to the hoax.”

“You must be blowing through your phone’s memory.”

I was. The hoax had taken over my life to the point where I was recording nearly every conversation I had.

Ishmael craned his neck to see what I was working on. “You sure I can’t help?”

“Considering that last time you ‘helped,’ you blew up the yard, so no thanks.”

Ishmel shrugged and spun in circles in the swivel chair. It made me dizzy just looking at him.

“So, he said. “We’re just gonna point this thing at cars and it’ll screw up their radios?”

“In theory.”

Two brothers have a plan that serves very different purposes for each of them. Gideon wants a brilliant social experiment for his MIT application. Ishmael wants to pull an epic prank that will never be forgotten.

Official synopsis:
Book Review and GIVEAWAY: It Came From the Sky, by Chelsea Sedoti {ends 7/26}
This is the absolutely true account of how Lansburg, Pennsylvania was invaded by aliens and the weeks of chaos that followed. There were sightings of UFOs, close encounters, and even abductions. There were believers, Truth Seekers, and, above all, people who looked to the sky and hoped for more.

Only...there were no aliens.

Gideon Hofstadt knows what really happened. When one of his science experiments went wrong, he and his older brother blamed the resulting explosion on extraterrestrial activity. And their lie was not only believed by their town—it was embraced. As the brothers go to increasingly greater lengths to keep up the ruse and avoid getting caught, the hoax flourishes. But Gideon's obsession with their tale threatens his whole world. Can he find a way to banish the aliens before Lansburg, and his life, are changed forever?

It started as a simple experiment to test Gideon’s latest handmade scientific tool. But when Ishmael was left in charge of setting off the explosion necessary for the test, he wanted to make sure it was big enough to be appreciated. Mission accomplished!

Gideon and Ishmael Hofstadt are each typical teenaged boys, unique in their own ways. Gideon is the smart one—he doesn’t count on any one liking him, and just doesn’t let anyone close since he’s sure they won’t. Ishmael figures he’s smart enough to get by, and being a fun prankster surrounds him with lots of fans and friends. Neither one is sure what to do when their experiment and/or prank doesn’t wrap up neatly when they’re done with it. It’s taken on a life of its own.

When the FBI and a charismatic cult leader are among the national audience drawn to their town by its reputation of alien encounters, the boys start to realize things are out of their control. Now they just want to find a way to straighten it all out, without losing the respect of their friends, or ending up in jail.

This was an interesting story in which Gideon wanted to share every minute of the experience. By interviewing all of those involved, the author tried to present the viewpoints of the boys and many of those who thought they were having alien encounters as well. I’d give this book 3 out of 5 stars. It was an interesting young adult read for boys or girls who enjoy a unique story.

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It Came from the Sky, by Chelsea Sedoti


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