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Book Review and GIVEAWAY: My One True North, by Milly Johnson {ends 8/17}

Guest review by: Becki Bayley

When Pete pulled up in Spring Hill Square parking lot the next evening, Laurie’s white Mercedes was already there, and he felt quite gladdened by the sight. Maybe because they were both newbies, he reckoned. He didn’t put it down to anything more than someone his own age, going through similar things at the same time.

He walked in on a full house laughing.

“Ah, come in, Peter,” said Mr. Singh, wafting his hand in the air at him as if conducting an orchestra.

“What’s going on?” said Pete, his own smile appearing, brought to the fore by the merry atmosphere.

“We were just having a conversation about people taking advantage of the recently bereaved,” Mr. Singh replied before blowing his nose on his handkerchief.

“Well that sounds like dark humor,” said Pete.

“Have some coffee and cake, Peter,” said Molly.

“I’ll have a plain black coffee, please, and whatever that cake is there with the chocolate buttons on it.”

“Coming right up, sir,” said Mr. Singh.

Sometimes a book lets the reader know the characters so well that there’s an empty space when they’re gone. This book was like that.

Official synopsis:
Book Review and GIVEAWAY: My One True North, by Milly Johnson {ends 8/17}
Laurie and Pete should never have met. But life has a different idea.

Six months ago, on the same night, Laurie and Pete both lost their partners. Overwhelmed by their grief, they join the same counselling group…and change their lives forever.

From their profound sadness, Pete and Laurie begin to find happiness and healing. Except, the more they get to know one another, the more Laurie begins to spot the strange parallels in their stories. Then Pete discovers a truth that changes everything—one which threatens to reverse everything they’ve worked towards.

But, as surely as a compass points north, some people cannot be kept apart.

There really aren’t enough good things to say about this book. The writing was beautiful and pleasing, the plot had reasonable ups and downs, and the characters were like friends to be missed as soon as the last page was turned.

Laurie and Pete were the main characters. They each lost their partner tragically a few months before the story starts. Their first meeting is when they are both referred to Molly’s group, a cozy group of folks who have experienced a loss and are working through their grief. Being new members on the same day, they’re naturally drawn to each other as they start considering how to move on with their lives.

As the story goes on, they find out their lives have more in common than they previously knew. The secrets they discover independently could bring them closer together, or tear them apart. The development of the story, while not entirely surprising, was still emotional and engaging. Overall, I’d give this book 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for those who enjoy contemporary fiction and love stories. While a lot of the story addresses grief and loss, it was done in a mostly bittersweet and uplifting way.

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