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Review and GIVEAWAY: Dark Dawn

Dark Dawn, by Melissa Brodsky and Nicole Andrews Moore.

"Release the girl and no harm will come to you." Seth tried to reason with Gan, he knew he would be futile though; Fae didn't know reason.

"Now Seth, why would I do something like that? You know how we Fae feel about The Awakened," Gan said mockingly, malice thick in his words.

"Because I command you to do so or I will destroy you!" His voice boomed.

"Hm, what is it that those humans say?" Gan tapped a finger to his head in thought, "Oh yes, bring it on, bitch."


Full disclosure: Dark Dawn is co-written by a friend of mine who is also local to the area (Melissa Brodsky), with Nicole Andrews Moore. It's always interesting to review books written by people you know; I always do honest reviews, but it's awkward if you didn't like the book. Luckily, Dark Dawn did not disappoint, and if you're a fan of paranormal novels, you will like this book.

Official synopsis:
Melissa Brodsky, Nicole Andrews MooreIn the beginning God made the heavens and the earth, and everything in between. The In-between was unplanned, unexpected, and unwelcome. Every action causes a reaction and when mankind was born, so were the Fae. Suddenly it was up to Heaven to save Earth. God created Angels to right his wrong, to save human kind. A deal was made, an agreement of sorts. The Angels would protect humanity from Fae domination and destruction, and in return they would have inhuman strength and immortality. Thus a time of angels swooping in to save humans from free will, bad decisions, and big mistakes began. They protected humans from the Fae who intentionally enslaved them, leaving shells of humans, or worse, leaving nothing at all.

Even God doesn’t always learn from mistakes. Angels were given freedom of choice. Some Angels chose wrong. When some of them spread their wings, they went too far, and just as Icharus was punished for getting too close to the sun, they were punished for getting too close to mankind.

So they fell. Falling was the easy part.

From this novel's blurb, Dark Dawn almost sounded like Melissa de la Cruz's Blue Bloods series, only with angels; however, although they share the paranormal genre, there's not many other similarities. The book follows The Guardians (which made me think of this movie a little, ha) and tells how they were created by "their father" (aka God) to watch over his creations, specifically the humans on Earth. The Fae, an evil group, are similar to the Guardians except flipped: they want to rule the Earth and kill all Guardians. The Guardians are not supposed to have relationships with humans, but two of the ones in this novel, Anna and Seth, both engage in relationships throughout.

The premise of this novel is interesting. I do like supernatural/paranormal books which is why I liked this one, although some of the writing/words used made me laugh - in one scene, Seth is having sex with a human he likes, and he called his sperm his "love juice" or something like that. I found it interesting how God created the Guardians, yet he doesn't make them "check in" as much with him too.

Dark Dawn is the first in the Dark Redemption series, I believe, and it will be interesting to see what happens next in the series to the angels in these books.

Dark Dawn can currently be bought on Amazon for Kindle, in either an NA ("New Adult") version (less sex scenes) or its original version. 3.5 stars out of 5.

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  1. I think the author was maybe trying to write as formally as possible or as G Rated maybe? This sounds like a really great book! Awesome review!

    1. Nope, this book is definitely not G-rated :) they have two versions of it actually, the NA one (New Adult) and then this one, which has a few sex scenes in it.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Sounds like a great book! Going to have to check it out. Thanks!

  3. This book sounds like it could be very interesting.

  4. I def. want to check this out! I'm always looking for good books my TBR pile is HUGE lol

    1. Savannah - don't talk to me about TBR piles lol - and if you did, you'd have to specify "real" books or ebooks! I try not to go on NetGalley anymore but I still get their emails ... I just got the newest book from the authors of The Nanny Diaries to read but not sure when I will have time to read it! Argh.


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