Tuesday, May 24, 2011

All You Desire

All You Desire, by Kirsten Miller.

Every time she closed her eyes, she heard him say, You're in too deep. Was she, Haven wondered. Had she really fallen for Adam - been taken in by his lies? Iain seemed to think it was the only explanation for her change of heart. Maybe he was right, but Haven's gut kept insisting that he had to be wrong. She felt something for Adam. And when she let her thoughts wander, they almost always ended up at the scene of their kiss. In Adam's presence, she felt more than mortal. And she was flattered by the lengths to which he'd gone to win her heart. But Adam hadn't bedazzled her. Haven was still capable of thinking clearly.

This is book #2 in The Eternal Ones series (click here for my review of book #1, The Eternal Ones). The way it ended, I am hoping that there will be another book in the series as well, otherwise I will always be wondering about the ending.

In this novel, Haven and Iain (who faked his death in book #1) must come back to New York City to search for her good friend, Beau, who has gone missing. A shady group of women called the Horae claim that they can help Haven find him, but at a price: she must make Adam Rosier, the leader of the Ourosboros Society, fall in love with her, and then they will trap him forever so that he can no longer do harm to others. Adam has been in love with Haven ever since he saw her in her first life, centuries ago, but Haven now thinks that he has reformed his ways, and she must decide if she wants to help the Horae or not.

This book was even better than first in the series. Haven is torn between Adam, once she has seen the "good side" of him, and Iain, even though in most of her previous lives she has chosen Iain. With the help of Phoebe, one of the Horae, she has visions of one of her past lives, as Beatrice Vettori, and she slowly realizes that the events that played out back then are relevant to her life now, in the present day.

I am very much hoping that a third Eternal Ones book will be published. Meanwhile, you can follow the author on Twitter, @bankstirregular, for updates.

5 stars out of 5.

All You Desire will be in bookstores on August 9, 2011.

*Disclosure: I was provided an ARC of this book by the author to review. The opinions listed, however, are my own.


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