Monday, November 21, 2016

Book Review and GIVEAWAY: Livia Lone, by Barry Eisler {ends 11/27}

It was the end of the rice harvest when the men came to the village and took Livia and her sister Nason. Livia was thirteen. Nason was eleven. Their parents had sold them. 

I have never read any of Barry Eisler's novels before, but this one was very good; based on this one alone, I'd like to read more of his books.

Official synopsis:
Seattle PD sex-crimes detective Livia Lone knows the monsters she hunts. Sold by her Thai parents along with her little sister, Nason; marooned in America; abused by the men who trafficked them…the only thing that kept Livia alive as a teenager was her determination to find Nason.

Livia has never stopped looking. And she copes with her failure to protect her sister by doing everything she can to put predators in prison.

Or, when that fails, by putting them in the ground.

But when a fresh lead offers new hope of finding Nason and the men who trafficked them both, Livia will have to go beyond just being a cop. Beyond even being a vigilante. She’ll have to relive the horrors of the past. Take on one of the most powerful men in the US government. And uncover a conspiracy of almost unimaginable evil.

In every way, it’s an unfair fight. But Livia has two advantages: her unending love for Nason—

And a lifelong lust for vengeance.

Livia arrives in the U.S. from Thailand when she's only 13 years old, but not by choice - she was brought there by sex traffickers. She somehow manages to escape, and is placed with a family who later adopts herthe Lone familyand she lives out the rest of her teenage years there. However, she never stops searching for information about her sister, Nason, who was brought to the U.S. with her but later taken away, and she believes her adopted family may be able to find info for her. 

This definitely isn't a PG or PG-13 rated novel, but I also very much enjoyed it. The character of Livia is very detailed, as are all of the characters in this book, and each chapter flips from "Then" to "Now," which was very effective in learning about Livia's past, as well as her present. 

The author also did his research on sex trafficking before writing this book, and it's sobering to learn how much of this takes place in everyday life. 

4 stars out of 5.
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I have one hardcover copy of Livia Lone for a lucky reader to win!

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