Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins.

I want to tell him that he's not being fair. That we were strangers. That I did what it took to stay alive, to keep us both alive in the arena. That I can't explain how things are with Gale because I don't know myself. That it's no good loving me because I'm never going to get married anyway and he'd just end up hating me later instead of sooner. That if I do have feelings for him, it doesn't matter because I'll never be able to afford the kind of love that leads to a family, to children. And how can he? How can he after what we've just been through?

This book was one of the most unique novels I've read in a while, and it's part 1 of 3 in the "Hunger Games" series. Katniss and her mother and sister live in what used to be called North America, and they have a dismal existence - if it was not for Katniss and her hunting skills, her mother and sister would surely starve. There are 12 districts, and she lives in District 12; there used to be 13, but then it revolted against the Capitol, who destroyed it. To punish the other districts for district 13's revolution, each year the Capitol hosts the Hunger Games, in which 1 boy and 1 girl between the ages of 12-18 are chosen as "tributes" from each district. Out of the 24 chosen, however, only 1 can survive the games to win, and he or she must kill all of his/her opponents to do so. When Katniss's 12-year-old sister, Prim, is chosen, Katniss volunteers to go in her place, since she knows she has a better chance of surviving, and she goes with the District 12 boy chosen, Peeta. Katniss and Peeta will learn many lessons in the arena, some of which will end up surprising both of them.

This book was fabulous and was non-stop action. I had heard it was being made into a movie, so I decided to check it out, and I'm very glad I did. Katniss's fate is fairly obvious because there are two more books in the series, but book 1 ended rather abruptly, so I am definitely looking forward to reading book 2 soon.

5 stars out of 5.


  1. I just finished this one last week, and I thought it was great!! I am really looking forward to seeing how the movie will be. It's coming out next year in theaters.

  2. You should read books 2 and 3 in the series if you haven't already. I have been keeping tabs on the movie (I have a movie blog as well -, and a Twitter, @yesnofilms) and the casting looks great so far. :)

  3. Yeah that Josh Hutcherson definitely is becoming a real cutie! And I will definitely check out your other blog :). Did you end up reading "Beastly"? I am reading another book by her right now, and I really have to say I am not really loving her writing style. It's so cheesy.

  4. Beastly is on my book pile ... which right now is rather large. lol. I think I am reading it 2 after what I am currently reading, "Emily and Einstein," which is pretty good so far. :)

  5. Oh yeah same here, with my reading pile. But I always end up buying more books, because there is always one that catches my eye. :)

    It excites me so much to finally find someone who has the same taste in reading as me. I always try talking to my friends about great books, but they just don't care. They always say, "I don't have time to read." Which to me is a lame excuse, because even though I don't always have time to read, I always make time for it. :)

  6. That's true. Some people really are too busy to read but I usually manage to find time, even though I have a job and also have my movie blog and my articles at to write. :)

    I just finished a book called "Emily and Einstein" that was pretty good, I am going to read one called "The Opposite of Me" and then I will start "Beastly."

    Have you heard of You can follow me on there, it's pretty cool - like a Facebook for books. :)

  7. I just checked out the website. It looks really interesting (I didn't even know there was a "If I Stay 2" by Gayle Forman, I was bawling my eyes out when I read that one). Is the website a type of blog, or what exactly? Do you get ideas for reads?

  8. It's more like a social networking site, I think. I like it because you can write what you are currently reading/want to read, and see what others are reading too - so yes, sometimes I get ideas for reads. :)

    I want to read "If I Stay," I haven't yet I think.

  9. Oh that sounds like my type of website! :)

    And "If I Stay" was really good! It's actually in the point of view of Mia, while she in a coma. She figures out everything that has happened to her, and retraces the steps, and then ultimately has to decide if she is going to stay in the world, or die so she can be with her parents and little brother.
    It was just really emotional.

  10. Oh, wait - I actually HAVE read that. I think I put the sequel on my Goodreads "to read" list w/o actually knowing it was the sequel to that! lol.

  11. Haha well it did say "If I stay #2" next to the book title, that's how I learned there even was a sequel lol. :)


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