Thursday, October 1, 2009

That Old Cape Magic

That Old Cape Magic, by Richard Russo.

I read a great review of this book in People magazine, and immediately wanted to read it. Unfortunately, since I was moving out about a week later, I couldn't request it at the Ann Arbor library; so, a month or so after that, I got it from the WB library, and just finished reading it today.

I had never read any of Russo's novels before but this one was very good. I'm a big fan of Massachusetts (having been born there ...) and I like reading about the Cape. The novel follows Jack Griffin (who goes by plain "Griffin" most of the time) throughout his life, and throws in two very dysfunctional families in the process. He cannot get over his own parents, both dead; he was a screenwriter, but now is a college professor; and he and his wife have recently separated. Griffin is a likable main character, and by the end of the novel, after scattering his parents' ashes, he comes full circle.

My favorite line from the novel:
"Happiness sucks as a spectator sport, darlin'."

Very true. The novel also had its funny moments, which made me laugh out loud, and it was a good blend of humor and seriousness.

4.5 stars out of 5.


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