Friday, October 16, 2009

Secrets to Happiness

Secrets to Happiness, by Sarah Dunn.

This book was hilariously written, and was interesting to read. There were a few paragraphs at which I laughed out loud. Here's one example of this:

Holly's mother Fiona called her once a week, usually on Friday afternoons, before she left for her mahjongg game but after she came home from MOPS. Holly wasn't one hundred percent sure what MOPS was, except that it involved church and small children and gave her mother a chance to rail against all these crazy parents these days indulging their kids with made-up peanut allergies and nonsense about choking hazards and things that can fit through toilet-paper tubes. If it were up to Fiona, she'd lock the MOPS toddlers in the church basement with a big batch of peanut butter cookies and a sack full of marbles and see who managed to make it out alive. Still, volunteering made her feel good.

The ending of the novel was a little crazy, but still believable, and I definitely enjoyed the novel overall.

4 out of 5 stars.


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