Monday, October 16, 2023

Book Review: Kill for Love, by Laura Picklesimer

Guest review by: Becki Bayley

I soon had to put aside the changing dynamics of the sorority house for other practicalities. Weston’s birthday was only two weeks away. Mine wouldn’t arrive until August, and it sucked that his would come so soon after we had started dating. We were two and a half months into our relationship, long enough that I’d need to do something to celebrate, but short enough that it couldn’t be too extravagant, or it might make me seem desperate. TikTok devoted whole tutorial videos to this delicate balance.

To put even more pressure on, Weston had informed me over dinner that three of his fraternity brothers from back East would be visiting for his birthday weekend.

One of my favorite things about Weston (right below his chiseled cheekbones and GQ-quality physique) was that he didn’t have too many friends. He was still new to L.A. I kept forgetting until he’d drop some bombshell, like that he’d never been to Coachella.

Tiffany would do anything for a good time. Some would call it "dying" for a good time, but in Tiffany’s case, it’s "killing."

Official synopsis:
Book Review: Kill for Love, by Laura Picklesimer
Kill for Love is a searing satirical thriller about Tiffany, a privileged Los Angeles sorority sister who is struggling to keep her sadistic impulses—and haunting nightmares of fire and destruction—at bay. After a frat party hookup devolves into a bloody, fatal affair, Tiffany realizes something within her has awoken: the insatiable desire to kill attractive young men. 

As Tiffany’s bloodlust deepens and the bodies pile up, she must contend with mounting legal scrutiny, social media-fueled competing murders, and her growing relationship with Weston, who she thinks could be the perfect boyfriend. A female-driven, modern-day
American Psycho, Kill for Love exposes modern toxic plasticity with dark comedy and propulsive plot. 

It seems Tiffany should have been less likable as a character, but girls just wanna have fun, right? A completely spoiled sorority girl with no real purpose in her life or dreams, when she randomly gives in to her urge to kill, her nightmares stop, and she feels something that seems pleasant in her life for the first time she can remember. 

This was definitely an amusing read with some fun vigilante justice, well, except for the victims. The ending was a bit surprising but not out of character for Tiffany. The story could be recommended for those who can appreciate a sarcastically jaded and spoiled main character, and make some allowances for how someone like that may act in an exaggerated and extreme plot. Overall, the book earned 3 out of 5 stars.

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Becki Bayley is a suburban wife, mom, and school volunteer. She’s equally comfortable singing Disney showtunes or emotional female rage songs. Check out some of her other activities on Instagram where she posts as PoshBecki.


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