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Book Review and GIVEAWAY: 27 Days, by Patrick Moore {ends 3/6}

Guest review by: Becki Bayley

Tony and I drove to General Mitchell Airport in a rented grey Sonata. He waited at the bottom of the escalator near Baggage while I ate the price of a one-way ticket to Cleveland. Went through security and waited at Gate 17 where Southwest flight 1678 was scheduled to disembark. The flight was on time, and I watched Tommy Blank emerge from the tunnel and stroll casually toward the escalators. He was wearing an expensive black leather jacket. No carry-on. Not as tall as I’d expected but handsome with full lips and thick, dark Hollywood hair, jelled on top, razor cut on the sides.

I fell in behind him, strolling just as casually. He stopped at the first men’s room; I stopped too. He matched Rainey Morgan’s description – brown eyes and the livid, diagonal scar across his otherwise perfect right cheek. As he turned away from the sink, he looked right at me. Hunger. Gave me a jolt. And a softness in the eyes that I hadn’t expected. We exited together. He rejoined the throng and I fell back into the crowd.

Nick Crane hasn’t had much time to relax, but this time he’s fighting for both his life, and that of his good friend, Bobby.

Official synopsis:
Book Review and GIVEAWAY: 27 Days, by Patrick Moore {ends 3/6}
27 Days is a taut and topical political thriller narrated in laconic noir fashion by veteran LA PI Nick Crane. In the spring of 2019, Nick is on the run in the Pacific Northwest, pursued by a cabal of wealthy right-wing power brokers and domestic terrorists (the Principals) led by Marguerite Ferguson and Desmond Cole. Nick has clashed with Marguerite and her crew in the past, and she wants him abducted so that she can personally “close his eyes forever.”

Things get worse. Nick’s close friend and business partner Bobby Moore is kidnapped by Marguerite and the Principals. Nick is then informed that he has twenty-seven days to surrender to Marguerite. If he does not turn himself in, Bobby will be sent to Scorpion prison in Egypt to be tortured and murdered. If Nick surrenders, however, Bobby will be released.

Help appears in the form of a young, idealistic female FBI agent named Carrie North who wants to arrest Marguerite for conspiring to commit domestic terrorist operations against the United States. Nick and Carrie join forces and the race against time to rescue Bobby Moore begins.

And what a race it is! Marguerite and company are the toughest foes Nick has ever faced and he must dig down deeper than ever before to have any chance of surviving.

Lots of action in this one! While currently described as book 1 of 1, it feels like sequels will be coming, with well-developed characters and evolving relationships. 

In this story, Nick starts out being warned that the right-wing politicians are still trying to kill him, now that he’s recovered from their last attempt and is trying to lie low and stay off their radar. Once they scare him back to his office, he finds that they’ve already abducted his good friend and are interested in a trade. Nick has 27 days to get to the bottom of it all, or turn himself in to secure Bobby’s safe release.

The cast luckily expands, as Nick is connected with an FBI special agent who he may eventually find himself able to trust. He’s used to operating alone, and flings around cash like he prints it, but he needs a little more manpower and authority, and some actual agency assistance may help for that.

Overall, Nick and his contacts turned out to be fun and spunky, and the book earned 3 out of 5 stars from this reader. The political angle was amusing, but did not feel like the most pertinent part of the bad guys’ agenda. This book could be recommended for those who enjoy contemporary action/adventure thrillers.

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Becki Bayley is a wife, mom, and reader who is now celebrating having her two current cats for four years already! Check out some of their cameos on her Instagram, where she posts as PoshBecki.


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27 Days, by Patrick Moore


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