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Book Review and GIVEAWAY: The Den, by Cara Reinard {ends 1/1/23}

Guest review by: Becki Bayley

On her drive home, Valerie phoned Luke. The flutters that erupted in her chest when her fingers scrolled over his number were annoying. Get it together.

“Hey, I was just going to call you,” he said, his voice gruff.

“Good. I was thinking we should probably get security for Father’s hospital room.” She remembered that she really needed to stop and see her mother soon. She wasn’t even sure if Mother knew about Christian’s accident yet. She should text Marian and find out. Lucy’s accusations about Mother revealing the changes in the trust early had rattled Valerie.

Who else could Mother have told? Valerie had known about the trust for a while, but back then it’d seemed insignificant because both of her parents had been relatively healthy, and in the old disclaimer, the children could collect on it only after both parents had passed. Even though she’d been the only one who usually visited Mother, the others could have stopped by to see her too.

The Fox siblings weren’t what anyone would call close to each other, but the time has come to find out if they actually hate each other enough to kill for a bigger inheritance.

Official synopsis:
Book Review and GIVEAWAY: The Den, by Cara Reinard {ends 1/1/23}
Nothing brings the four Fox siblings together like their detestable father’s heart attack—and a hefty inheritance to be divided equally. At his deathbed is his oldest daughter, Valerie; her irresponsible sister, Lucy; and their two embattled brothers, Christian and Jeremy. Even the former housekeeper, Marian, who’s been with the family for forty years, is on watch. All Valerie hopes for is an amicable reunion, despite the damages of the past.

By punishing means, Stefan Fox raised his children to be competitors. The cruel lessons now serve them well in a game of life and death. When it comes to the family fortune, the rules are simple: fewer siblings means a bigger share.

After a suspicious accident, Valerie knows the worst is yet to come—and confiding in the wrong person could be the most dangerous thing she’s ever done.
The book opens with someone being dragged, already beaten and bloodied, through the woods. Before the reader finds out who it might be, the author flashes back to the family home, where all four siblings have reunited with their parentsand all of the family business’s clients. None of the siblings seem happy to be there, but they all accept it as one of the responsibilities in the wealthy family to which they belong.
The catastrophes follow quicklya heart attack, a car accident, and then suspicions of murder! An announcement at the attorney’s office of a new distribution of the family wealth in case the patriarch dies has everyone looking over their shoulder and wondering who the next victim might be.
The story moved quickly with lots of unexpected twists before the end. The book deserved 4 out of 5 stars as a thrilling family drama. It could be recommended to those who enjoy rich family stories with mysteries and complicated relationships and histories.

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Becki Bayley enjoys reading, making plans, and spreading kindness. She tries to remember to post a few photos of life on Instagram as PoshBecki.


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The Den, by Cara Reinard


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