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Book Review and GIVEAWAY: Breach, by Kelly Sokol {ends 6/8}

Guest review by: Becki Bayley

Their routine was simple those first few months. Marleigh was surprised and thankful at how quickly she mastered breastfeeding – certainly Jason deserved some credit, too. That boy was born ready to eat. She could feed Jason sitting, laying on her side, and standing up.

“I’m kinda jealous of that little fucker,” Jace said with a smile as wide as the horizon. “He’s got round-the-clock access to my wife’s tits.”

Marleigh sighed. “And they’re still so big and heavy.”

“Yeah, I hadn’t noticed.”

Jason’s hair grew in curly like Marleigh’s. “He’ll have to be a special operator with a mop like that,” Jace said with a smile. Military special forces were granted greater leeway when it came to regulation grooming appearance. Marleigh had learned a few things in her crash course in becoming a Navy wife.

Marleigh dozed when she could, and for the first time in her life she felt no guilt about resting. 

“I want you to do nothing while I’m home, babe,” Jace told her. “This is my time to help on the home front. I’ve always got you covered.”

While Marleigh and Jace definitely had their good and bad traits, a reader could want nothing more than their happily-ever-after.

Official synopsis:

Book Review and GIVEAWAY: Breach, by Kelly Sokol {ends 6/8}
Marleigh Mulcahy grew up in a boxing gym, the daughter of hard-drinking parents who didn't keep a stable roof overhead. In the cinder-block Box-n-Go, amidst the sweat and funk, she meets EOD specialist Jace Holt, a highly and expensively trained bomb diffuser with three successful deployments behind him. With a heady mix of hope, carelessness, and a ridiculous amount of courage, they begin a family. When Jace returns to active duty, a roadside bomb resurrects ghosts from the couple's past and threatens the life they've built. An unflinching and timely gaze into the marriage of an enlisted special operator and his wife, Breach is a story of betting it all on love, a couple's determination to change the trajectory of their lives, and one woman's promises to the man she loves and the boys they're raising.

What choices will a desperate mother make to keep her family whole?

Marleigh had fought for everything she had, but once she met Jace at her family’s boxing gym, he promised she’d have it easier. They both had paid their dues and were ready for happily-ever-after. But karma doesn’t always cooperate.

Jace’s job as a bomb diffuser with the Navy was a level of stress that most people could never even comprehend, and after every deployment, a little more of him seemed to be left behind. The transition back to family man was harder every time.

They never planned on having kids who would have to struggle as they had, but no one can ever really know the future. The characters in this book were so gripping, I gave the story 4 out of 5 stars. I’d recommend this book for those who enjoy character and family dramas, and military stories (although there is not actual combat re-told in the story, they were definitely a military family, which influenced everything).

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Becki Bayley is a homebody who enjoys quirky movies and stories, playing board games, and relaxing with a good book. Check out her summer reading activities on Instagram, where she posts as PoshBecki.


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Breach, by Kelly Sokol


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