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Book Review and GIVEAWAY: A Perfect 10: The Truth About Things I'm Not and Never Will Be, by Heather Land {ends 10/11}

Guest review by: Becki Bayley

There’s a certain entitlement that you carry with you when you have a little bit of age under your belt. People give you more grace to say and do what you want. You aren’t afraid to make decisions, others’ opinions of you carry less importance, and if you are lucky, you have a little bit of a nest egg to spend on yourself and others. I hope that my biggest goal isn’t vanity. Wasting time worrying about wrinkles instead of character. Why can’t we handle them both? Take care of our bodies so that we feel good but also focus on making others feel good. I don’t think it is one or the other. I think I will do both.

Heather Land has segued her "I ain’t doin it" viral video into music cds, a comedy tour, and now books. This is the second book she’s written.

Official synopsis:
Book Review and GIVEAWAY: A Perfect 10: The Truth About Things I'm Not and Never Will Be, by Heather Land {ends 10/11}
A popular social media comedian, Heather Land’s reach includes more than 107 million engaged fans and followers who fill theaters at her stand-up events around the country, and who also fell in love with her first book
I Ain’t Doin’ It.

With her trademark Southern charm and sassy yet totally relatable tone, Heather shines a light on those ridiculous moments in our lives that also have the ability to teach us about ourselves. Whether she’s joking about her crafting habit, revealing the hard truths of divorce, ranting about the challenges of being a single parent of teenagers, or getting real at the class reunion, Heather’s message is that the more authentic we are, the more we connect with others. Heather hilariously encourages you to lighten up and focus on what’s really important in life. Like a laughter-filled conversation with an old friend, A Perfect 10 is a great gift to give to others or yourself.

Heather Land has a non-hurtful brand of comedy that is mostly pointing fun at herself and her life. She knows why she does some ridiculous things the same way they’ve always been done, but she plays along. Unfortunately, some of the names she dropped in regards to her retail therapy and other celebrities she knows were unfamiliar. Probably those in her regular audience would have understood the references.

Her life hasn’t been easy, and she’s not afraid to tell how her humor has helped her navigate these circumstances. Her positive attitude, Christian faith and no-nonsense advice sounded reasonable and most likely on point for those in similar situations. Overall, I’d give this book 2.5 out of 5 stars. I’d recommend it for women in their late 30's or early 40's who may have similar life experiences to those of the author.

{click here to pre-order - will be released on Tuesday, October 6th)

Becki Bayley is a wife, mother, and reader. When she’s not working for those titles, she’s probably shaking trees and chasing bees on Animal Crossing - New Horizons. Check out other reviews she’s done at


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A Perfect 10: The Truth About Things I'm Not and Never Will Be, by Heather Land


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