Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Quick Pick: Don't Even Think About It, by Sarah Mlynowski

  • Opening lines: We were not always freaks. Sure, most of us occasionally exhibited freakish behavior. But that's not the same thing.
  • Reason I picked up the book: My friend Mandy over at The Romance Bookie recommended it, and I had received an e-galley from NetGalley. 
  • And what's this book about?
  • We weren't always like this. We used to be average New York City high school sophomores. Until our homeroom went for flu shots. We were prepared for some side effects. Maybe a headache. Maybe a sore arm. We definitely didn't expect to get telepathic powers. But suddenly we could hear what everyone was thinking. Our friends. Our parents. Our crushes. Now we all know that Tess is in love with her best friend, Teddy. That Mackenzie cheated on Cooper. That, um, Nurse Carmichael used to be a stripper.

    Since we've kept our freakish skill a secret, we can sit next to the class brainiac and ace our tests. We can dump our boyfriends right before they dump us. We know what our friends really think of our jeans, our breath, our new bangs. We always know what's coming. Some of us will thrive. Some of us will crack. None of us will ever be the same. So stop obsessing about your ex. We're always listening.
  • Favorite paragraph:
  • Of course, it wouldn't be fine. Not at all. But Olivia couldn't know that. It's not like she had ESP. Ha, ha. Not yet. 
    This is the story of how we became freaks. 
    It's how a group of I's became a we.
    Maybe you think Olivia is telling the story. Or Mackenzie, or Cooper, or someone else in our homeroom you haven't met yet.
    It could be any of us.
    But it's not.
    It's all of us. We're telling you this story together.
    It's the only way we know how.
  • Recommended for: YA fans or anyone who wants to read a fun and fast story.
  • Something to know: Sarah Mlynowski has written a few other YA books, I think I read one or two a while back - she's a good writer.
  • What I would have changed: Nothing that I can think of. The ending was surprising but I also liked it. 
  • Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars.
  • Where can I find this book? Click here.

    *Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for reviewing purposes. The opinions expressed here, however, are my own.


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