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Review and GIVEAWAY: Hallows Haven, ends 9/21

Hallows Haven, by Melissa Brodsky and Nicole Madison.

When she was finally able to gain control of the erratic shifting by envisioning and holding onto a mental picture of who she was, she reemerged. But not really, not completely. Her Drivel 11th-grade self would never be sitting up in this tree, perched so high from the ground. She was a different Gwen now, one with magic abilities. She could fly. She could shift. She was Magick.

Before you ask, no, I didn't misspell "magic" in that above blurb - the authors decided to spell it "magick" throughout, which has been done before but is a little jarring. This is the second book by Melissa Brodsky (whom I know in real life) that I've read, and it was just as entertaining as the first - I love paranormal stories and YA books, so when you combine them the result is often great.

Official synopsis:
giveawayCaptain of the cheerleading team, 16 year old Gwen Valiente has it all--the best of friends, a loving home, and a bright future. Little does she know that the people she loves the most have been keeping secrets--life-altering secrets.

When strange things start to happen to Gwen, she is thrust into a magickal new realm called Hallows Haven. Leaving the ordinary behind, she discovers that she can do things beyond her wildest dreams. As Hallows Haven begins to feel more like home, Gwen wonders how she ever felt satisfied with everyday life in Michigan.

Too late, Gwen realizes that even in this realm full of light and magick, danger lurks. Someone close to her is not what he seems and someone will do anything to draw her out of Hallows Haven and into the darkness. Even worse, some of that darkness may already exist within her, threatening her chance to make Hallows Haven her permanent home.

Have Gwen's loved ones continued to keep dangerous secrets? Can Gwen resist the call of darkness?


Gwen was originally from Michigan in the book, which I of course liked (I'm from metro Detroit), and it was interesting to see how she adapted to Hallows Haven from the Drivel (non-magical) world. I definitely saw a lot of Harry Potter influences throughout, from when she first goes shopping with her grandmother (Diagon Alley) to when she starts learning about all of the cool stuff she can actually do (Hogwarts year 1) but there were some unique things thrown in as well.

The ending of the book is very abrupt/open-ended, and the authors have said that, at minimum, Hallows Haven will be a trilogy, with the second book coming out this December 2013, so keep a lookout for it then. I definitely want to read it so I know what happens to Gwen! Until then, you can follow Hallows Haven on Facebook, or buy a copy on Amazon (and make sure to enter my below contest, too).

3.5 stars out of 5.

*Disclosure: I received an e-copy of this novel from the authors to read. The opinions expressed here, however, are my own.


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