Friday, January 4, 2013

Amber House

Amber House, by Kelly Moore, Tucker Reed, and Larkin Reed.

The thing I could do in Amber House was - unbelievable. Maybe a little scary. But Jackson said they couldn't hurt me; they were only echoes. And they were my echoes - people who had contributed bits and pieces to the puzzle of me. I had to admit - I was interested. We'd be gone in two weeks anyway.

Maybe I would stay and see what happened.

Amber House, supernatural, YA fiction, Kelly Moore, Tucker Reed, Larkin Reed
I received an e-galley of Amber House from NetGalley a while back, and finally got around to reading it - and I'm definitely glad I did. It's part teen love story, part supernatural, and part family heritage themed, and the house itself is almost a character in that Sarah, whose grandmother lived there, can feel "echoes" of the past throughout it.

Sarah's grandma dies, and so she, her mother, and her autistic brother, Sam, come back to Amber House for the funeral and to eventually sell the house. Sarah meets Jackson, whose grandmother Rose was taking care of the house and of Sarah's grandma, and they have a connection; however, she also meets Richard, a senator's son, and starts spending time with him as well. Meanwhile, the house has "echoes" - remnants of the past - that Sarah can feel, and she and Jackson embark on a hunt to find the long lost treasure of Amber House. What she finds, though, is a little more than what she bargained for.

I'm not one for scary books or movies, and at times this book was a bit scary; however, it's worth getting through the scary parts to learn more about the house, which has been around since the 1800s, if not earlier. I was also shocked to learn later that this is the first in an Amber House trilogy, as I'm not sure how they can go from here - the end wrapped everything up nicely - but the authors have already released a sneak peek of book #2 in the series, it seems.

I would recommend this book for anyone who is into YA books, good mysteries, or supernatural books (or all three, like me) - it's a quick read with interesting characters and plots.

4.5 stars out of 5.

*Disclosure: I received an e-galley of this book from NetGalley to review. The opinions listed here, however, are my own.


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