Thursday, August 18, 2011

Witches of East End

Witches of East End, by Melissa de la Cruz.

There was something not quite right about the three dead birds on the beach that morning, the ones she had buried a little ways away in the sand, but Joanna could not put her finger on it just then. Was it a threat? Or a warning? And for what? And from whom?

I love de la Cruz's series Blue Bloods, so when I heard she had written a book about witches for adults, I decided to read it; little did I know that some of the Force family from Blue Bloods would make cameo appearances in it!

The Beauchamp women have not been allowed to practice magic for a very long time, and they live a relatively peaceful life in North Hampton, New York. When strange things start happening in town after they start using their magic again, however, they must find out who - or what - is causing them to happen, and fix it before North Hampton becomes like a 17th century Salem, MA situation.

I really liked this book and there's going to be a sequel, as the author's bio on the back cover says she is currently working on it. It's definitely more "adult" than her YA novels, but didn't have anything too "gratuitous" in it. The witches are likable characters, and the ending definitely sets up the second novel well.

You can check out the "trailer" for this novel below, from de la Cruz's website:


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