Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pictures of You

Pictures of You, by Caroline Leavitt.

She tried to heal. She went to three therapists in three months, but as soon as she walked into their offices, she wanted to leave again. One doctor peppered her with questions, another told her to get over it in a kind of tough-love therapy, and none of it mattered. She left each office feeling as terrible as she had when she arrived. If anything, talking about what happened made her feel worse.

I killed a woman. It was an accident. I love the victims. It was an accident.

Isabelle crashes into April's car on a foggy night, with April's car in the middle of the road and pointing the wrong direction. Her young son, Sam, was with her, but had briefly left the car, and was unharmed; April, however, is killed. Her husband, Charlie, is devastated, and when he finds out that Sam has been hanging out with Isabelle, whom Sam thinks is an angel, he demands that he stop. He doesn't count on Isabelle being so personable, though, and soon both Sam and Charlie are more involved than they should be with the woman who accidentally killed their mother and wife.

This book was pretty good, except that the ending was unconventional and not what I thought it would be. It still works for the book, and I can see why the author chose to write that way, but I was surprised by it. The characters of Isabelle, Sam, Charlie, and others are all very realistic, and they are easy to relate to; the revelations that Charlie finds out about his late wife, and why she had a suitcase in the trunk of her car, are life-changing for him, and eventually he learns that he must try to overcome her death.

3.5 stars out of 5.


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