Sunday, June 12, 2011

Things We Didn't Say

Things We Didn't Say, by Kristina Riggle.

She gets off the line before I have a chance to rally myself to be talkative. As her one remaining child I should be able to do this for her, just talk on the phone, is that so hard?

I heave myself out of the car to go get the milk, considering that maybe the mundane chores of housekeeping are all I can manage, and perhaps I should leave the emotional work of being a family to someone else, someone equal to the task.

This is Kristina Riggle's third book (she is also the author of Real Life & Liars and The Life You've Imagined) and it was just as good as, if not better, than both of those. The story follows Casey, who is engaged to Michael, father of 3 kids with Mallory, who, most days, is mentally unbalanced (ie, a "crazy lady"). Casey wants to eventually marry and have kids with Michael, but she is worried that he won't be up to having a fourth child, especially because he is 36 or so and she is 26. Two of the children are fine with her but the oldest, Angel, has read her diary, and knows her secrets; even before that, she has hated her. Casey is thinking of leaving Michael and his family, and intends to do so, but then a family crisis happens, and she feels obligated to stay for a few more days.

What I liked about this novel was that each chapter was from the point of view of one of the different characters, including Casey, Michael, Mallory, and the children: Angel, Dylan, and Jewel. This really helps the reader to "get into their heads," so to speak, and it was an interesting way to choose to write the novel. The family crisis actually ends up bringing Casey closer to Michael, in the end, and it is interesting to think of what would have happened with her and Michael had the crisis not ended up occurring.

4.5 stars out of 5.

*Disclaimer: I was provided a finished copy of this book for review; however, the opinions listed are my own. Things We Didn't Say will be in bookstores on Tuesday, June 28th.


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