Monday, January 11, 2010

The Castaways

The Castaways, by Elin Hilderbrand.

Delilah and the kids waved from the bow of the boat. Jeffrey waved back. Delilah always said that people were predictable, that they could be counted on to act exactly like themselves. She wanted someone standing on the dock waiting for her.

And here he was.

This novel was about three couples - Phoebe & Addison, Jeffrey & Delilah, and Andrea & Ed - whose lives drastically change when their friends Tess & Greg die in a tragic boating accident. Everyone has connections to the couple, some that are obvious - Andrea was Tess's first cousin - and some that begin to reveal themselves after the couple's death. The four couples had called themselves "The Castaways" and were inseparable; they had taken numerous group trips together and were best friends.

I actually didn't like this novel at first but by the end of it, I had changed my mind. The novel stays in 3rd person the entire time but explores each of the 6 people's background and connections to Greg and Tess - each person gets their own "chapter," so to speak. At the beginning this was rather confusing since the book had only just begun, but by the end of it, it made sense.

4 stars out of 5.


  1. This is the one my cousin recommended to me. I'm reading "Barefoot" by her now.

  2. Ah, yeah - this is the one I read by her.
    (my book blog serves to refresh my memory! lol).


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